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Membership Agreeement

This membership agreement ("Agreement") is a legal agreement between the operator of web site, Yeacon Informatics & Software Ltd. ("YEACON"), and the person who (is)/(wants to be) a registered member of INUBE (the "MEMBER"). In the agreement, INUBE speaks for its legal owner, YEACON.

1. About the Agreement
1.1: The person who (is)/(wants to be) a registered member of INUBE (the "MEMBER") is agreeing to be bound by all the terms and conditions (the "Terms of Use") of this agreement.
1.2: INUBE reserve the right to alter this Agreement any time. INUBE announces the updated Agreement on the site, one week ago before the Agreement will be executed. If the MEMBER doesn't agree the updated Agreement, he/she may ask the INUBE administrators for canceling his/her membership. Until the updated Agreement will be executed, the old one is valid.
1.3: If INUBE thinks it's necessary, INUBE reserve the right to cancel the agreement of the MEMBER. This necessary situations are unlawful, offensive, threatening, defamatory, libelous, obscene or otherwise objectionable contents or any action that prejudicial to INUBE or any INUBE member. The MEMBER, whom agreement is canceled, has no rights and can't protest.
1.4: The MEMBER agrees that all matters arising from or relating to the use and operation of INUBE and INUBE's services shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey, without regard to conflicts of laws principles.
1.5: The e-mail address, recorded at INUBE's database, of the MEMBER is assumed to be the legal communication address for all the notices and the declarations about the MEMBER or MEMBER's account at INUBE or any issue about the articles of this Agreement. MEMBER must inform INUBE of the updated e-mail address, if he/she changes his/her e-mail address. Any notification, will be sent to this e-mail address, will be assumed to be reached to the MEMBER and read by the MEMBER in 3 (three) days after the e-mail has been sent.
2. About the Service
2.1: INUBE offers free and paid website/blog services.
2.2: The MEMBER, who wants to get paid service(s), must first accept this Agreement and be a registered member of INUBE for free, before he/she apply for paid membership services. So, the MEMBER, who has a free account, is responsible for only this Agreement; and the MEMBER, who gets paid service(s), must accept an additional agreement.
2.3: Unless otherwise noted at an additional agreement, INUBE reserve the right to add advertisement spaces to anywhere on the web sites of MEMBERS.
2.4: INUBE's services may be interrupted because of any technical fault or any other reason. The MEMBER has no rights to blame this situation on INUBE.
2.5: INUBE reserve the right to end its service(s) at anytime. Or YEACON may sell/transfer the (all or limited) legal rights of INUBE to another company at will. The MEMBER has no rights to protest this situation.

By completing the registration process, the MEMBER undertakes that he/she read and accepted all the terms of this Agreement and all the informations, he/she gave about himself/herself, are true.